Embrace the Weekend

My perfect lazy weekend includes coffee, a hammock or a nice lazy chair, and something to read.

For most of us, Saturday and Sunday are the weekend. If you are working today, or maybe you work everyday and you are really tired, I want to bring you a perspective to find time to create space for the weekend.

This morning my son helped his friend take the dog for a walk. On school days we don’t have time for things like taking a dog for a walk. It’s an opportunity to share kindness by recognizing what someone else might need and sharing in it with them.

For me, weekends are soccer games and hockey games, but today our game is not until later so I get time to rest and read a book. I get time to be kind to myself and sleep in late. It is so relaxing and recharging.

I wrote a blog post on the vacation perspective here. What about the weekend perspective? I think of weekends as a vacation every week. It is time in my schedule that allows me to explore a little more, travel, or rest. If you are working on the weekends, what is one thing you could do to carve out time for yourself? Could you meet a friend for breakfast or dinner? Even better, invite a friend to your home and share a meal with someone. Bring snacks to work and share a coffee break with your coworkers. Bring flowers to someone just to let them know you are thinking about them. Maybe you make time for a yoga class that you wouldn’t normally get to do.

The weekend perspective can mean so many things. I hope you find a way to slow down, notice more around you, and bring more kindness to yourself and others this weekend.