Kindness to Others - The Elderly

When I think of kindness and acts of kindness, I think about people who are not like me. I wonder what value do I have to offer and how can I share it with others to help them thrive.

One group in particular is our growing senior population. How can we serve the elderly?

I start locally with my mom who is a young and vibrant senior. Because she is my mom it is sometimes too close to home but I remind myself to be kind to her - that she is not as fast as she used to be. I can slow down when walking and carry her bags. I want to make sure she is not lonely. I create time for her to be with us and with her grandson. I want to make sure she has a sense of purpose and feels connected to her family.

It is crazy to say here, but she and I do not agree on everything, still. I practice letting go of those things that just don’t matter.

When I was young and in Girl Scouts we would sing at senior homes. I didn’t really know why they wanted us there. I realize that so many people are not as close with their families or maybe didn’t have children. Those interactions with young kids is very fulfilling and joyful. It is also valuable to the kids to learn how to share in the community and see people in different stages in life.

Now my son carols to the seniors where we live and I love seeing the connections that form in that short time.

What do you know about the aging population where you live? What are some ways you could share kindness with someone in your community.

Remember the movie, Up? It makes me cry every time I watch it. The movie shares a story about a young scout wanting to help a senior in order to get a badge. The journey they share and the life lessons they learn from each other are fabulous. Check it out and let me know how you share kindness with the elderly.