Kindness to others - People with Disabilities

This is difficult to share because I am aware of the nuances of language and grouping people into such a large category.

The sentiment I want to convey is the opposite. How can we connect with people without making them feel bad for being different? How do we teach our kids that instead of staring at someone, say “hello,” introduce yourself, or ask them if they would like to join you.

So often kindness is seeking to understand another and knowing that we are all much deeper than what someone sees in one moment or on the outside.

I love watching kids interact when they are young. They haven’t learned that they aren’t “supposed to” talk to certain people or ask certain questions. They are often direct and ask questions about someone else in order to learn more about that person. They are too young to generalize. They are curious.

In order to show kindness, show inclusion. Say hello. Invite someone who may not look like you into your group.