What’s Your Vacation Perspective?

It’s Monday just before noon and a woman in the elevator asks, “Is it Friday yet.” Another woman responds, “No, because if it were I wouldn’t be here.” I chime in, “What if it were Friday?” The first woman smiled and shared that she had just bought her favorite deli sandwich for lunch. Perfect!

Each day we get to choose to embrace a Friday mentality, what I call my “vacation perspective.” We just have to choose it.

I was talking to a friend about vacation. She had just taken an amazing family trip to a tropical paradise and was back at home in DC. She said with a hint of gloom, “Vacation was great but the whole time you know it has to end. And then you have to come home – to this (referring to the cold weather). It’s always sad to think about it ending. But for you, you live in California so you have vacation every day.”

When she said that I smiled, “I do love where I live. It is pretty great.” I didn’t think much about it again until a few weeks later when I realized what being on vacation means to me.

Being on vacation means meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. It means showing up as I am with what I have to offer, to learn from others and my surroundings, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Being on vacation means not packing a hair dryer. It means simplifying my life, removing all of the “maybe” items and focusing only on the essentials (e.g. a one-quart bag of 3 oz. or smaller size toiletries). This also frees me up from a complicated routine and allows me to focus on the basics so I can spend more time enjoying my destination and the people I am with.

Being on vacation means not worrying about the small stuff. If I forget something I can either buy it or do without.

Being on vacation means not focusing on time constraints but instead on enjoying each experience.

Being on vacation also means enjoying delicious food, saying yes to chocolate and wine, and wearing only comfortable shoes.

For me, vacation is not about the sunny weather, but about how I use my time and what I do or don’t do that helps me enjoy each day. Being on vacation is freeing.

Vacation and what we value about it varies greatly for each of us. What do you enjoy most about vacation? What do you want to embrace from your vacation self to be part of your every day?

What could you say “no” to that would give you an opportunity to say “yes” to the things that really matter.

Is it getting more sleep? Stop what you are doing and go to bed. It will help you be more effective tomorrow and keep you healthy.

Is it exercising more? What can you delegate so you get time to take care of yourself? Who are the people who can help you make that happen?

Is it having more focus? Give yourself five minutes of quiet – meditate, take a walk, close your eyes, or practice yoga in your office.

What if we could carry this “vacation” perspective with us into our daily lives? What if we could all embrace the possibility of being on vacation every day? What one thing can you incorporate today that gives you that glimmer of vacation?

I am really enjoying my vacation perspective and I hope you do, too. I welcome your feedback. Please share your vacation perspective with me.

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Monica Phillips, CPCC, ACC, is a motivational speaker, professional coach, and strategy consultant working with professional services firms, start-ups, C-suite leaders, and founders on leadership, business development, rainmaker habits, marketing strategy, accountability, and personal fulfillment. She partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.