The Power Of Diverse, Global Communities w/ Aura Cotofan, Nadine Bongaerts, Christine Lai

What would it be like to have an international network of thousands of people championing you on your journey and sponsoring you as much as possible? Relationships are at the core of everything we do. We need people to build great experiences, to buy our services or products, to contribute to our endeavors.

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Join us for The Power of Global Communities and learn how to create value from the depth of your relationships. Hear from Aura Cotofan, Network EverAfter in Romania; Christine Lai, Delivering Happiness in San Francisco; and Nadine Bongaerts, Hello Tomorrow in Paris.

With 7.3 billion people in the world, how do you connect meaningfully with the relationships that are important to you? What opportunities do you have to expand your perspectives in order to
understand and contribute to a better world? How do you find the people who are going to help you on your journey? In this episode we hear from entrepreneurs building global communities from Romania, Paris, and San Francisco.


About Aura Cotofan

"A powerful network isn't made up of a social profile with thousands of connections you barely know. The real value comes from the depth of your relationships, because true friends will do anything to see you succeed—and what better way to make friends than to travel together and live unforgettable experiences." That is what Aura Cotofan is all about - building scalable communities. Mostly, start-up communities.

Over the past two years, she has grown and managed a global community of 1,000 influencers from top networks in 360 cities. Her platform is connecting members when they travel so they can meet-up and build meaningful relationships.

Now, she is focused on creating an invite-only platform/community for entrepreneurs, as well as setting up a global co-living system together with Caravanserai.


About Nadine Bongaerts

Nadine Bongaerts is a Dutch synthetic biologist, entrepreneur, speaker who is actively bridging science and technology with business and society. She has a great passion for science education,
entrepreneurship, and technological developments that change the world.

In 2014, she joined the international board of Hello Tomorrow as Global Community Director. Hello Tomorrow connects scientists with entrepreneurs and investors to accelerate lab inventions to the market. Learn more at

She also joined the Kairos Society, a global community of young changemakers who combine entrepreneurship and innovation to advance the world. Learn more at

Her interest in synthetic biology was sparked in 2010, when she successfully participated in iGEM, a synthetic biology competition
organized by MIT. Her team developed so-called biobricks to transform bacteria into oil digesting cells. The work was recognized nationally and internationally.


About Christine Lai

Christine Lai is the Chief of Staff at Delivering happiness—the organization founded by Tony Hsieh, to help people create great organizational cultures. She's at the core of this impactful movement. Learn more at

She joined the team to cultivate relationships with organizations that are looking to align their profits, passion, and purpose. At
her core, Christine loves identifying and maximizing the true potential of individuals and organizations. Fueled by her passion for uniting people and purpose, Christine blends her experience in the private and social sector to build and strengthen collaboration among impact communities. Drawing on her previous experiences,

Christine truly believes in and values communities that challenge, inspire, and support one another to succeed. She continually strives
to support individuals and organizations to create cultures focused on cultivating the maximum potential in people by doing amazing things together.