Nina Simosko: A day in the life of a CEO and innovator

Nina Simosko serves as President and CEO of NTT Innovation Institute Inc. (NTT i3), the prestigious Silicon Valley-based innovation center for NTT Group, one of the world’s largest ICT companies. This is a day in the life of a CEO who is focused on fostering strategic innovation.

Today I woke up at 3:45am.

The first thing I did was hit snooze.

My morning ritual includes driving an hour to my gym & being there by 5:00am.

I started working at… I’m always thinking about work…. all waking hours. There’s not a lot of separation for me between work and non-work life.

My biggest challenge was Bay Area traffic.

I celebrated some awesome team accomplishments / wins!

What I love most about my work is the people.

My favorite part of the day was watching team members support each other.

Least favorite when it’s over.

I am so glad that I get to do what I do.

I wish I had more hours in a day.

Did you have a plan for your day? Did it go as planned? No plan – I have to stay flexible.

I want to recognize Ravi Srivatsav for educating me on some technical issues related to Cloud.

How do you commute? I drive.

For lunch I skipped it!

A personal activity I do just for myself is run.

I most enjoyed spending time with my team.

For dinner I cooked chicken and steamed broccoli.

My favorite technology that I used today is my iPhone.

I am inspired by young, motivated engineers and my leadership team.

Did you meditate? Did you exercise? Yes

One strategy I use to make my time more effective is stick to meeting times – I don’t “run long”.

I am passionate about winning.

Something I wanted to get done but didn’t get to do was grocery shop.

A dream I am currently focused on fulfilling is… I’m living it!

I can’t live without my phones.

Today I felt happy.

I went to sleep at 11pm.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to doing it all again!

Nina inspires women every day to be courageous – by identifying themselves to know who they are, what they believe in, and where they want to go.

Nina serves as President and CEO of NTT Innovation Institute Inc. (NTT i3), the prestigious Silicon Valley-based innovation center for NTT Group, one of the world’s largest ICT companies. Focused on fostering strategic innovation, NTT i3 works with established enterprise companies interested in investigating new approaches to evolving into technology-first, digitally-driven businesses. Accelerating the movement of innovation from initial idea to marketplace implementation, NTT i3 combines access to the significant global infrastructure resources, investment fund, research knowledge, and trusted long-standing customer relationships of NTT Global with its own software startup expertise and deep enterprise relationships.

Previously, Nina was responsible for leading the creation and execution of Nike Technology strategy, planning and operations world-wide. Prior to that, she was Senior Vice President of SAP’s Global Premier Customer Network (PCN). At SAP, she led both the PCN Center of Excellence and SAP’s Global Executive Advisory Board. During her eight-year tenure, she was a part of SAP’s Global Ecosystem & Partner Group which was charged with continuing to build and enable an open ecosystem of software, service and technology partners together with SAP’s communities of innovation. Additionally, she served as the Global Chief Operating Officer for the worldwide Customer Education organization, responsible for driving more than half a billion euros in global education software and services revenue.

Currently, Nina serves on the advisory boards of two early-to-mid stage technology companies: Reflektion and AppOrchid.

She can be found online at