Be Kind to Yourself

I wanted to start this blog covering 21 Days of Kindness and following along with the Born this Way Foundation’s #BeKind21 challenge because I love reading stories of acts of kindness. It is no surprise that in just three days of reading about it and sharing it with others, I learned how to be kinder to myself and more patient with those around me.

Last night I attended a dinner with Jennifer Pastiloff, author of On Being Human. If you haven’t read her book, go buy it now - either for yourself or for a friend.

Hearing the stories of the women in the room and witnessing the grace of each one of them and the power of their stories to overcome adversity was uplifting. There is something magical about really seeing another person and their challenges. There is so much beauty when another person trusts you enough to share their vulnerabilities. I learned to listen again on a much deeper lever. I learned to listen to my heart.

I find it fascinating that the heart is the only organ in our body that never gets cancer. Think about that for a minute. How will you love yourself today? How will you be kind to yourself? If we are all kind to ourselves we will live in a kinder world. Please share your comments. I would love to read them.