Sustainability and Social Networks Driving Dramatic Disruption and Innovation with Mark Gilbreath

Mark Gilbreath is a thought-leader focused on disruptive technology and the future of real estate. As CEO and founder of LiquidSpace he believes he can connect nomadic workers and property owners who have underutilized space. In this episode he shares insights on the era we are in now and the two paradigms - sustainability and social networks - and how they contribute to radically accelerating innovation, what that means, specifically for real estate, and how it might look.

In the future of self-driving cars and flying cars how will we reallocate all of the space currently designated for parking?

Come imagine the future with me and Mark Gilbreath!

Mark Gilbreath is the founder and CEO of LiquidSpace. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur and one of the leading voices in the sharing economy technology landscape, supporting his vision of sustainable, mobile business practices. In his past, Mark has worked as a software industry veteran with 20+ years of experience at previous companies including Wyle, Altera, Toolwire and Venga Ventures.

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