Board Leadership and the Journey to Find Your Own Voice

Join me and special guest Olga Mack to learn more about her focus to make sure there is at least one woman serving on every Fortune 500 Board, her efforts to bring pay equity to the legal profession, and her strategies for championing coworkers and managing her time.


"There’s drive. And then there’s Olga Mack.

Her primary role is general counsel at ClearSlide, a San Francisco-based SaaS sales and marketing engagement startup. Mack also serves as advisor for TimeJoy and ChannelMeter, two early-stage startups. Most recently, Mack founded the Women Serve on Boards Movement. If that weren’t enough, in her remaining spare time, she co-founded an organization called SunLaw, which is dedicated to helping in-house female attorneys obtain general counsel and leadership positions. Yet among all of her professional accomplishments, what truly stands out is Mack’s unwavering passion for empowering herself and others. It’s a rare and inspiring combination of always reaching beyond the realm of of established possibility, and never forgetting where she came from." - Excerpt by Katia Bloom published in ACC Docket.

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