Sexuality and Your Emotional Well-Being

I would guess that a majority of people are sexually unfulfilled. How can we experience the intimacy we crave with someone else while we are dissociated from our own body?

Natalie Geld is 'lifting the skirt of consciousness to shift communication in science, sentience and sexuality.' The author of 'Sensual Intelligence: An Introduction to Your Body's Language,' entrepreneur, and founder of 'Why Are We Whispering' where she examines profound connections of sexuality, stress, emotions and consciousness.


Natalie co-founded and managed executive operations for Society for Mind Brain Sciences to help integrate frontier science w/ medicine, the arts & influential communities. She developed / produced The Feeling Brain: Exploring the Neural Basis of Emotion - Multimedia Broadcast Series + Continuing Medical Education (CME) + Univ Curric. Co-author of upcoming book about explosion of discoveries in consciousness science with cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Bernard Baars, to be published by Oxford University Press. She is the author of "Sensual Intelligence: An Introduction to Your Body's Language" and she was featured in Oprah Magazine in the Sept 2016 issue on Sensual Intelligence and my neuroscience series, The Feeling Brain.