The Power of Comedy with Rob Fee

"You ever decide to check your Facebook really quick before bed then 7 hours later the sun's out & you're 47 weeks deep in Arby's Instagram?" ~ Rob Fee

Rob Fee is a writer and comedian best known for writing and telling jokes. He's written for Comedy Central, Ellen, MTV, IFC, Playboy, Epic Meal Time, VICE, CBS, books, albums, movies, and so on. You can follow him on Twitter @RobFee to read more of these jokes or go to Del Taco. He’s probably there.

At lunch at Twitter recently, I discovered the realm of "Very Important Twitterers" and the jokes they post on Twitter. It's hilarious. If you haven't tried it, you really should.

Laughter relaxes the whole body.
Laughter boosts the immune system.
Laughter triggers the release of endorphins.
Laughter protects the heart.

If you want to feel good and be entertained, join us for some laughs and some insights on what it takes to make a great comedian.